Oasis Healthcare Press Release

The Caban Group has partnered with Dr. JM Klopper and Medi Send Solutions in rolling out primary healthcare solutions in the semi-rural areas of South Africa. Dr. Klopper has been working on a solution for the past four years in solving a dire need in our country. Having his own medical practice in Rustenburg, he has experimented with various options until he come up with a successful solution which he has implemented successfully. For the system to work, he partnered with Medi Send Solutions which provides Doctors with an administrative platform that makes running a medical practice easy and optimal. The complete solution is called Oasis.

In late 2023, the parties entered into an agreement with The Caban Group to start implementing the primary health care solution. This is done in partnership with semi-rural communities, and it involves corporates that want to make a meaningful difference to the communities they reside. The provision of the primary health care will be done through the granting of funding to new Doctors that do not have the necessary funds to set up their own practices. Caban is establishing The Caban VC Fund 1 that will provide such finance to enable deserving newly qualified Doctors setting up private practices utilizing the Oasis model developed by Dr. Klopper. Furthermore, through the partnership, they will receive ongoing business and medical mentorship. All administration will be handled by Medi Send Solutions giving the Doctors the necessary tools to make a success of their semi-rural private practices.

Oasis, making a meaningful impact in primary healthcare. To find out more about how you can get involved with the Oasis Community Healthcare vision of making healthcare accessible to to all, please contact Dave Romero on Dave @ Caban.co.za or use the contact us page